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CM HR Consulting offers a wide range of training, workshops and courses specifically designed and suitable for the NGO sector. 

Global Compensation Workshop

A virtual workshop designed for I/NGOs appointing talent in multiple locations, and individuals looking to gain expertise in Reward Management and build capacity within the INGO sector

Leadership Presentation
Working at home

HR Training  'Micros'

We offer a range of workshops through our Partners HRCP that not only cover all those burning topics you have ranging from the Employee Life Cycle to Organisational Design or Strategic HR Management, but provide CPD certificates for your HR credentials or help you prepare for exams.

Micro HR by HRCP Logo.png

To find out what course you are best suited to, looking for a more tailored course or mentorship, please get in touch with a member of the team today and we will be happy to help, set up a complimentary discussion.

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