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Our mission is to provide expertise in HR and Reward to support NGOs in achieving the changes they seek in the world. We offer innovative HR and Reward Solutions for organisations aspiring to have inclusive, talented, and engaged teams. 

Our team of consultants are experts in their field working across the NGO sector, from providing training in our areas of expertise, to consultancy support on your policy challenges, and insights and data on specific HR & Reward topics. We also host and lead one of the most informative HR & Reward forums for the sector.










Our innovative and flexible team come from a range of backgrounds with a wealth of experience. 

Since our inception in 2012, we have grown and evolved bringing in new expertise to strengthen our consultancy.

Catherine McMenamin - CMHR.png

Strategic Director

  • Catherine's LinkedIn

Catherine is the Strategic Director of CM (HR) Consulting and has an extensive 15-year background in Human Resources Management.

Catherine's specialisms and areas of focus include; Reward, Compensation and Benefits Management, Policy development and review, Employment Policy, Recruitment, Global Mobility, Organisational Design, and Management Consulting.

Tracey King - CMHR.png

Project Director

  • Tracey's LinkedIn

Tracey is the Project Director at CM (HR) consulting. Her experience in Compensation is worldly, as she's worked in International Development for over 20 years and a CIPD
member for 22 years.

Tracey's specialisms and areas of focus include; HR Consulting, Job Evaluation, Organisational Design, Project Management, Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits Management, Compensation Policy, Employee Benefits, Facilitation and Global Mobility, and HR Policies.

Georgie Dando - CMHR.png


  • Georgie's LinkedIn

Georgie is an HR Specialist with extensive experience in providing Human Resource advisory and administration support in the public, private and Higher Education sector


Georgie's specialisms and areas of focus include; HR Consulting, Job Evaluation, Pay and Benefits benchmarking reviews, HR Policy review, Recruitment, Client liaison and relationship building, Project Management, Change Management, and employee relations case work.

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