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We are a HR Consultancy dedicated to promoting a fair approach to HR & Reward across the organisations we work with.


Our range of services spans the whole spectrum of HR and Reward


Grading, salary bands, job design, pay

and job progression, job competencies, benefits alignment.  Feel in a spin hearing all these Reward terms?  Don't worry, we have you covered! 

With over 30 years between our Directors of hands on experience, both in-house and consulting, with salary benchmarking, reward structuring and policy design, there is little we have not come across. So let us take the burden off you.

Mobility & Remote Working

From our Global Mobility & Remote Workers Survey, to our experience of managing teams constantly needing to be in transit, we have built up a wealth of knowledge in this area.  Not only do we know the trends in the sector, but we have helped shaped and create the evolution of mobility to the needs of the sector.

HR Policy

Whether designing a HR Policy fit for UK or global purpose from scratch or needing to review existing ones, we have supported multiple NGOs to embed their values into their HR practice. As you evolve through the seasons of organisational growth we can support you from outset to upscale, and ensure your policies from Recruitment to Remote Working and beyond are fit for purpose.


We believe linking the efforts of the whole community allows collective and holistic approaches to HR and Reward within the sector.

As consultants and having worked in the sector, we very much believe in the efforts and values of the sector and have expertise and experience in working in this setting. Through those connections, we are able to support an umbrella of needs.


Whether a bespoke survey or redesign of policy, grading or structure, we have expertise within our team to assist. With over 30 years at the forefront of data provision in the sector or working in-house in global Reward teams managing restructures to annual reviews, we know Reward isn’t simply a set of numbers.  We also like to pass that knowledge and learning along in our specialist training events, industry forum or through bespoke mentoring arrangements for your team.

Job Interview


Holding over 50 years of recruitment experience between us, we are happy to become your temporary inhouse recruitment lead through to simply being tasked to ensure that one job description, grading, pay and advert will source you the best candidate for the role. Our global knowledge of local INGO markets means we not only hold a great network to tap into, but we often recognise the barriers faced in certain markets or for specific roles.

Filling Out Tax Form


Working alongside Lee McIntyre-Hamilton over a number of years, we are able to collaboratively build the best Reward & HR strategy from both a compliance and organisational strategy perspective- from your mobile and remote employment policies, to employing new staff overseas, tax and social security obligations or employment status.


Our associate, Catherine Layton, has over 20 years of experience crafting simple but expert and relevant policies for the sector. Not only dealing with the UK but having actively led Regional HR teams globally, she is able to ensure your policies are fit for purpose both locally and globally. Let us support you in difficult employment policy decisions including grievance and disciplinary processes. 

Strategy and Leadership


Sarah Newnham joined our team of associates from her Regional Director role at Tearfund, where she not only was integral in designing and implementing strategy but led on a number of important changes and cultivated multi-cultural teams. In tandem with us she has specialised in supporting the leaders managing the HR & Reward changes we support, as well as thinking about their wider organisational strategy, building personal wellbeing and maximising leadership potential. 

If you would like to discuss your Reward and HR needs with our experienced consultants then please get in touch, we would love to help!

“CM HR supported us with the development of our Global Reward Strategy, and were instrumental in helping us think through the initial design."

Jennifer Hancox,


“The CM HR Team have been instrumental in the development and implementation of our reward framework, providing valuable specialist insight and providing right contextual information on reward trends in the wider iNGO sector.”

Jevon Clayton,

Mines Advisory Group

"We use Catherine and her team on a regular basis. They go out of their way, and beyond the call of duty, to understand our needs and how to address them."

Bettie van Straaten, CIVICUS

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